Neo-Baroque church in Kościerzyna


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The origins of the parish Koscierzyna dates back to 1210. Unfortunately, the main and oldest church under the invocation of Holy Trinity was destroyed by the fires that occurred in 1483 or 1626 year. The rebuilding of the church was completed in 1642. Survived to the present, dating of that period, the main and secondary altars, the grouped stall and a few images adorn temples. Not a hundred years had passed when in 1724 once again the temple was destroyed by a following fire. Even now the church was rebuilt on the ashes of previous building. The shape of present church was formed as a result of the reconstruction that took place in the years 1914 to 1917. At that time the church received its current, Neo-Baroque style. Church erected from the base of the stone foundation stands out in
Kościerzyna historical space. This three-nave brick temple is crowned by Baroque helmet. There is the interior furnishings and architectural mobile monuments, which the oldest dates back from the early sixteenth century. Particularly valuable is late Gothic painting "Crucifixion". The impressive main altar was made in the first half of the seventeenth century.   It is worth to pay attention to the relief of the Virgin Mary located in the setting. For lovers of history it is also advisable to see a painting located on the Baroque pulpit. It illustrates how the old church looked like in eighteenth-century. In a side chapel there is a seventeenth-century painting of unknown author depicting Virgin Mary with the baby in her arms. It is worth to visit Kościerzyna and the church because of its unique nature - nowhere else in Europe can we find a parish with two sanctuary of Our Lady. After discovering all the secrets of the church under the invocation of Holy Trinity it would be worth to visit one of the restaurants located near the church at Kościerzyna market.


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