Market in Kościerzyna


ul. Kościelna 5
83-400 Kościerzyna

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Foundation for building the Market was urban plan of the city from the
end of the fourteenth century. Designated in medieval time system of streets leading to the central point of the city, virtually nothing has changed since that. Particularly interesting city tract ??, which connects to the south - western part of the market is Koscierzyna promenade - Dluga St.
Market and its surroundings makes the town its own unique,
historical climate. In this town’s historic square surrounded by a dense tenement, life begins to pulsate during the warm summer evenings due to the late open cafes, restaurants and summer gardens and large numbers of tourists coming to town.   Just have a moment of reflection and listen to conversations coming from the garden, to conclude that feasting tourists come from all over the world. Among the languages ??of the world there is rises melodiously Kashubian dialect - after all, we are at the heart of Kashubia.                                                                                                                  Characteristic group of tourists visiting the city are motorcyclists, for which
Kościerzyna is a must visit point during traveling in the Pomeranian region.
At day time, make sure to enter the building at street market 9, in which
besides atmospheric restaurant it is as well The Museum of the Koscierzyna District.


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