Heritage park railway


Ul.Towarowa 7
83-400 Kościerzyna

tel. : 58 721-86-31
open: Pon.-Niedz. 10.00- 18.00
access: paid
parking: free
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The locomotive stands on a station, it’s heavy, huge and the sweat runs off her ... Look!     It is after all the largest Polish locomotive Pu29-3 stopped at the station Kościerzyna. It stands and waits, until someone is interested in him, see, come inside the driver’s booth and take a commemorative photo. It stands so many years, like diesel locomotive SP47-001 - another pride of Polish railways.
These and other vehicles as well as coaches full of historical climate of past years just waiting until someone is interested in them. "Roundhouse Koscierzyna", a unique museum of Polish State Railways has been established November 1, 1992 and became the ideal place to cultivate the tradition of railways in Poland. Since 2009, the Museum of Koscierzyna District look after the Skansen . The Railway Museum in Kościerzyna, because it is how the institution called now, attracts lovers of technology and old railway rolling stock, allowing detailed knowledge of the history of Polish railways. The most interesting part of the exhibition, which especially the youngest fans will enjoy, is a collection of age
locomotives. Other exhibits include: diesel locomotives, a electric locomotive and several wagons. These vehicles come from the period of the end of nineteenth century to the 80-th of twentieth century. Unique and unrepeatable exhibit in the museum is one of only two wagons built in 1938
for railway to Gubałówka. The exhibition is divided into some open area where most vehicles are on the outside, as well as the roundhouse with original equipment, workshops and exhibition spaces in which
are presented souvenirs, models, old documents or smaller exhibits. So get on the train, and race to Koscierzyna for a meeting with history of Polish railways. Dreams of your own line of electric train revived again during the exploration of this magical place.


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