Museum of the National Anthem in Bedomin


gm. Nowa Karczma, Będomin
83-422 Barkoczyn

tel. : (+48 58) 687 71 83
open: wtorek - piątek 9.00-17.00, sobota - niedziela 10.00-17.00
access: paid
parking: free
motel: close

It was here that Jozef Wybicki was born - creator of national anthem - “Mazurek Dabrowskiego". The museum is one of the branches of the National Museum in Gdansk. It is one of those places in Poland in which the spirit of patriotism and struggle for freedom still hovers in the air. Manor is located in Bedomin in Kashubia. There are eight available for visitor’s rooms involving a total of 280 m2. The interiors of the historic manor present two permanent exhibitions: "Jozef Wybicki and his era" and an exhibition showing the circumstances of establishment of the national anthem - “Mazurek Dabrowskiego".. The period of partition, the time of nation's struggle for freedom and the recovery of the Polish state in the most difficult for Poles times was shown by the exhibition titled: "The role of the Mazurek Dabrowskiego in shaping the national consciousness of Poles in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. " It tells how "Mazurek Dabrowskiego" affected the Poles national consciousness.  Cultural heritage museum refers to the largest patriotic values ??cherished by the guardians of collections as well as taking care of historic park complex of the eighteenth century manor house. Time for a moment of reflection for visiting the place lovers of cultural tourism will provide a walk in the park among the natural monuments with the oldest and numbering more than 400 years, "Oak Wybickiego. "In addition to the historic interiors of the museum you can see a rich collection of patriotic musical items such as: the nineteenth-century music box, songbooks, sheet music and hymn texts published in the 20-th of nineteenth-century in Paris.  The gramophone records from the early twentieth century, which has hidden sounds of Polish national anthem, or a unique miniature phonograph. Ethnic traditions portrayed by White Eagle motif presents one of the largest in the century, archival collection of postcards. In the museum you can also see Napoleon Bonaparte pendant or hand-written, nineteenth-century songbook with 66 Polish patriotic songs.


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