Napoleonic battle



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A.D. 1806 - Napoleon's army after the victory over the Prussians entered the Polish lands. Thus aroused hopes for regaining independence for Poles. Appeal to the nation calling for the creation and full mobilization. The appeal created and  proclaimed by General Jan Henryk Dabrowski and Jozef Wybicki launched one of the most heroic and tragic periods in Polish history. The first clashes of French army with the Prussian troops and their Russian ally took place in early 1807year. There is a cyclic show held in August each year and provides a real meeting with history.  There are played back events that took place during the Napoleonic campaign of the year 1806/1807 in Pomerania. Through passionate, who take on the roles of soldiers it can be felt like the nineteenth-century battlefield. The European event focuses enthusiasts of the Napoleonic era. During the staging of plays is created a realistic climate of war in both, the battlefield and in a camp. The form of war’s show proposed by organizers allows a spy the conduct of former wars. Tactics, work military headquarters, the operation of a field hospital or at the end the reactions of fighting men are the main elements characterizing a very spectacular
event. It is worth to visit the camp and see for yourself how hard life and fate had a Polish soldier fighting alongside Napoleon Bonaparte for the freedom of their homeland.


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