Department of crockery Lubiana in Łubiana


83-407 ŁUBIANA k. KOŚCIERZYNY, woj. pomorskie

tel. : 58 686 37 84 do 87
access: free
parking: free
motel: close

Kashubia is famous of high quality porcelain. This is due to the family Necel from Chmielno as well as Department of porcelain "Lubiana" SA in Łubiana. History of the plant dates back to 1969. The first of September this year the plant began operations as single department company. In January 1973, the firms were incorporated into industrial plant – The United Companies of China "CERPOL" located in Walbrzych, and since 1981 working as a state establishment. In result of the transformation in 1992 the establishment becomes a public company of State Treasury to be privatized in 1995.  Since 2002, a majority of Company shares Plants have a Silk Company "WISTIL" SA based in Kalisz.  "Lubiana" is one of the most modern and largest manufacturers of porcelain in Poland. The company specialized in manufacturing high-quality hotel china and production is designed primarily for export to 32 countries worldwide.   Company directly supplies more than 200 hotels, including a network of ACCOR and other hotels in Poland such: Marriott, Radisson, Sheraton, Hyatt, and many others. To sustain tradition of so-called Kashubian, „porcelain gallantry" is characterized by elements of local Kashubian design embroidery. Being in Łubiana visit the factory and company shop, which always provid the highest-quality products at great prices. In company shop you can buy both
sophisticated services and fine products ideal for gifts.


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