Wdzydze Kiszewskie – Lake Wdzydze, marina, lookout tower


Wdzydze Kiszewskie

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Legend has it that in a small lake certain prince Sorka saw a Wdzydze. To reach the beautiful waterline, he called giants to empty the ditches water from the lake. But which way not to dig, water was not diminished and was still filled with big ditches. That way was created one of the biggest lakes in Poland - Lake Wdzydze.  Kashubian Sea, Grat Water – an otherwise known as and is one of Polands most beautiful lakes. Located in the southern Kashubia, the lake is one of the most characteristic places on the tourist map of Kashubia. Lake Wdzydze is formed by interconnected lakes: Wdzydze Radolne, Gołuń, Jelenie and Słupinko. Lake shaped like a deformed cross. Thanks to the shaped coastline and natural advantages the lake is frequented by lovers of inland calm sailing, scuba divers, fishermen and leisure lovers.  Wdzydze lake is also a must place for canoeists flowing popular trail of river Wda. On the Lake Wdzydze there is a very well-developed sailing base, accommodation and services. Marinas are located in the village of Lipa near Wdzydze Tucholskie, in Family Holiday Centre "Jasnochówka" near Borsk located in the southern part of the lake, and in Wdzydze Kiszewskie in a property of Hotel “Niedzwiadek” . In Wdzydze Kiszewskie there is also PTTK water campsite “Przystan u Grzegorza”, and" Wdzydzki Ka”t. In Gołun there is a yacht club "Portowiec" Gdańsk. In the PTTK campsite there is a 36 m lookout tower, from which extends a breathtaking view over Lake Wdzydze. Available for turists are three viewing platforms. Stronger impressions Lovers encourage the fact that the tower in the season is made available around the clock.


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