Calvary in Wiele


Derdowskiego 1
83-441 Wiele

tel. : (58) 687 34 91
access: free
parking: free
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One of the most beautiful Calvary in Poland, which was built in the years 1915 to 1925.  The Calvary Wielewska team consists of 23 objects: 14 chapels, 6 sculpture works, the holy stairs, a pulpit and a hermitage, where for years lived it caretakers. The constuction was initiated by rector of the Wielewski parish Fr. Jozef Szydzik. Calvary also owes a host Michal Durajewski that aside land for its construction. He became one of the first victims of Nazi Germans, who illegally invaded the territory of the Polish Republic.  He was murdered in Fordon near Bydgoszcz at the beginning of World War II. The architectural concept on which it is built Wielewska Calvary is authorship by the Munich architect Theodore Mayra. The author of sculptures is a Polish artist Wojciech Durek. Calvary visits by walking the wooded slopes of the Biala Gora by the Lake Wielawskie. The largest facility of Calvary is Chapel of the Palace Pilate, being the first Station of the Cross. Holy Stairs, built in the years 1916 - 1934 consist of as many steps as the number of Hails Mary of the Rosary. A pulpit on the shape of a boat at the end of the road has been built in 1946. The Calvary is 1 km away from St. Nicholas Church.   Place promotes physical recreation by walking the shores of Lake Wielewskie where on the bank the entire complex is situated.


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