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Church. St. Nicholas in Wiele in its present form was built between 1904 - 1906. The designer, who gave the neo-baroque, oriental temple character is Roger Sławski hailing from Poznan. A brick building was established in place of a wooden church from 1728. The constructionof the temple was initiated by the priest Jan Fethke, and finished by Fr. Jozef Szydzik. The most valuable monuments of the church’s interior equipment is the image of Our Lady of Consolation. The oil painting on canvas was done in the eighteenth century and  came to Wiele from Chojnice  in 1852.  Note the two Baroque altar sets with images found on the walls of the aisles: the north and south. From the previous church were moved three eighteenth-century altars. The church is also equipped with rococo monstrance, brass lawaterz
(Sink) and the eternal light of the eighteenth century.  Theodore Mayr, the designer of Calvary Wielewska, has design for the church Baroque cups Sanctuary of the Passion, which were built in the years 1915 to 1927. Wiele is a beautifully situated tourist and leisure village located on Lake Wielewskie. Residents were the first discovered natural values ??throughout the area and
initiated the development of agritourism. Tourists who visit Wiele will have available number of agritourism apartments, developed tourist infrastructure as bridges, sailing marinas, access to the lake with a beach and swimming or pine forest with many paths. It is worth to add that within 3 miles of
the village are about 30 larger and smaller lakes. Due to the picturesque and varied natural location Wiele has to offer tourists suitable conditions for active tourism and leisure. Resin-scented forests, and a multitude of lakes located within Wdzydze Landscape Park will provide an adequate escape from
bustle of the city. The lake runs the new pathway, and the shore of lake Wielewskie was also recently adapted for the tourist needs...


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