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Located on the Czarna Wda wooden water mill in Lipusz was built in the early nineteenth century, continuing a tradition of their predecessors. The Oldest mention of Lipusz mills reach the fifteenth century, when they were own by princes, the Teutonic Knights, bishops, priests and knights. Before it was supplanted by a steam engine allowed recovered energy generation by falling continuously from height water which allowed the process of grinding grain into flour. Wheels powered by water started the whole fine working mechanism, and the upper turning stone  rubbed corn on the bottom motionless stone. The mill is now a unique and very neat monument of old technical art but also testifies to the Kashubian life related continuously with nature. This good state of the mill is thanks to present owners, who exchanged the upper and lower drive shaft, replaced old beams, building was re-timbered, the foundations have been strengthened, there were ad new gutters and planking. Being in Lipusz it is essential to taste the warm bread baked from flour milled in Lipusz mill. And so, for another 100 years can admire atermill, while hiking and kayaking on the river Wda, which is one of the most beautiful kayaking routes in Poland. Lipusz is located within the Lipuski Protected Landscape Area what promotes the development of many forms of tourism and recreation. This place with small-town character surrounded by forests and clean lakes encourages agritourism, and thanks to convenient connection with the Kościerzyna or Chojnice open is for tourists from home and abroad. By the lake Duze Skrzynki there is a swimming. There are different types of objects accommodations in the village and it area.


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