Juszki - village " Kashubian cottage "



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A Juszki beginning goes date back to the seventeenth century, when there was a pitchy stove, which allows harvesting of charcoal. Attention will be given by characteristic buildings of this picturesque Kashubian village. The preserved houses in the village come from Nineteenth and early Twentieth century, and have retained a distinctive rural and open urban layout. It is undeniable treat for lovers of tourism
cultural. It is to worth combine touring of this authentic Kashubian village with Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. Juszki surrounded by forest and lakes, are located in Wdzydze Landscape Park. Currently, more and more people are interested in settling in this picturesque town land. The Close distance to Kościerzyna in conjunction with the idyll of rural life make the Juszki a growing number of supporters from year to year. In the area was formed a natural-educational path that runs by forest area in the vicinity of the lakes: Dlugie, Wielkie Oczko, Głęboczko and Mieliste as well as the village itself. Route 5 km long composed of 5 stops with education arrays and shelter. Yellow marks on trees and signposts indicate its course. The village is easiest to hit by the asphalt road from Kościerzyna side.


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