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Urban layout of the city Chojnice has been shaped in the fourteenth century. The city surrounded by walls, laid out the streets that led to the market. Skeletal buildings, which prevailed until the sixteenth century, began to be displaces by townhouses. Well preserved surround main square and have become a great building testimony of Chojnice from the time before nearly 300 years. The peak of the facade divided cornices crowned with extension fitted with wavy cornice. Foundations and basements of the burgher houses in this part of town come from the time of Middle Ages and date back even to the fourteenth century. Above the main square rises the turned out facade of Chojnice Hall. The building is striking both because of the red brick from which it was built and due to the high summit of stepped pinnacles. The building was design by the Berlin architects has been opened for use in 1904. This neo-gothic building has an interesting modernist decor. During the opportunity to stay inside the object we should be tempted to see the historic City Council meetings hall and stained glass windows depicting the virtues and duties of local autonomic government authority to the citizen. One of the most characteristic objects in Chojnice market is referring to the classical-style fountain with made of bronze statues of a woman. The fountain consists of 12 water jets, which have the ability to change colors. The fountain is doing particular impression at night. You can fall into a light reverie staring at the glow on the fountain during your stay in Chojnice market in one of the many summer evenings. It should also be done with it a commemorative photo. It will be a valuable souvenir of your stay in Bory Tucholskie. Other souvenirs, especially wooden products of folklore handicraft can be purchase at small gallery located directly on the market square. It is worth to join it due to the fact that most products were made ??by regional folk artists.


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