Gothic church St John / Basilica under the Invocation of Beheading of St John the Baptist


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89-600 Chojnice

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The Church was built in the years 1340 - 1360, after its completion became center of the religious, cultural and political region. This monumental three-nave temple was built of red brick. Style what it has is also known as Vistula Gothic called also Pomerania. Temple quickly became a center of religious, cultural and political life of the city and region. From 1466, the patron’s of the basilica became Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk. Herman Han regarded as the greatest painter of Pomerania became himself involved in work on its finish. He was the author of the frescoes, paintings, and decorated the chapel of St. Anna. Chronicles also point to the turbulent periods of operation of the church. One of them concerned the acquisition by the Protestant church in the mid-sixteenth century. After long efforts the church was regained by the Catholics. The church was also robbed, and plagued by fires, which resulted in the greatest consequences of those years: 1657, 1733 and 1945. Their effects were irreversible damage including not kept its rich furnishings. In the basement rest body of the great painters: before mentioned Herman Han, and Franciszek Haeflich.  Fara Chojnice for centuries is the mainstay of catholicism, and exercised a great influence on the inhabitants of these lands. Stressing the role of the church in the lives of the region, Holy Father John Paul II raised the church to the rank of Minor Basilica in 1993.


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