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Eighteenth century church under the Invocation of  Annunciation of the Virgin Mary was built in the years 1718 - 1744 by Jesuits - newcomers to Chojnice in 1620. Their goal was to combat the increasingly growing in Lutheranism. Temple was combined with college which was the seat of the Catholic gymnasium.  In 1773 there was a suppression of Temple, which was passed the diocesan priests. The church is a very valuable example of religious architecture in the style of late Baroque in Pomerania. Interior of the church is composed of five altars, from with the most beautiful main altar reaches to the vault and there is an integrated altar of 1662 depicting Virgin Mary with Child, Saint John Baptist, and Saint Spirit. The origin of the rococo pulpit is estimated at half of eighteenth century, and baroque benches on the eighteenth century. On equipped is also a baroque altar cross, a monstrance from 1676, ancient portals and railings. Until that is made in 1742 polychrome by the Baroque painter from Chojnice, Franciszek Ksawery Heaflich. Since the war the church underwent a partial renovation and reconstructions. In 1963 he recreated a destroyed during the war helmet of the south tower, and in 70 earlier painted over murals has been reconstructed. . Currently work is being carried outside
Temple to restore its former glory.


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