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Człuchowska Gate is the only preserved city gate in Chojnice. Together with a complex of towers, defensive walls and moat is quite an attraction for lovers of historic medieval city fortifications. Teutonic Knights were the gate builders in the fourteenth century.   Inside the gate, since 1962 is being developed exhibition and cultural activities in the form of Regional Museum. The Museum celebrates the traditions initiated at the beginning of the twentieth century by The Society for the Promotion of Culture. But the museum founder is Julian Rydzkowski. The museum was opened with his initiative in 1932. Since 1984 the institution was called the Historical & Ethnographic Museum.  Within the specified time Contemporary Art Gallery began its work. The activities of the museum cover four thematic areas. They are: archeology, ethnography, history and art. In the tower "Kurza Stopa” is located The Headquarters of Polish Modern Art Gallery.  In tower "Szewska" there is museum's library, and tower "Wronia" served as a prison for common people to the end of the nineteenth century. Tower "Prison" was a prison, the seat state archives, and now is adapted to feature art gallery. The first fortifications in Chojnice date back to the first half of the fourteenth century. In this period the city was conquered by the Teutonic Knights. The construction of permanent defense fortifications took decades, and the city became one of the best protected cities in the region. In the context of these work twenty-two towers were built as well as four gates and a string of stone – brick defensive walls. The height of the defensive walls at that time was about 4 m, however at the turn of the fourteenth / fifteenth century, height has been increased to 7 m. Also the system of moats and dikes has been done. Over the years, as a result of wars and fires, the strength of fortification deteriorating, and from the seventeenth century timber from which they were made was used for expansion of the city. Until today are preserved some fragments of medieval fortifications and one of the best preserved is an old part of the surrounding of old town from the west.


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