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Located beside the National Road 22, commonly called "Berlinka “obelisk commemorates the coming from Grudziądz,  18-th Pomeranian Lancers Regiment who in 1-st of September 1939 participated in the lancers charge. To commemorate the events that started the fight for a freedom of the attacked Polish nation, every first Sunday of September Mass is celebrated at the monument of lancers charge. Since 2001, the same day is organized a charge staging show imitating the one from 1939. Event begins with the submission of wreaths at the monument of 18-th Pomeranian Lancers Regiment, by the road Chojnice - Tczew. Reconstitution of charge 18-th Pomeranian Lancers Regiment from 1-st of September 1939, preceded by a drill demonstration of 114-horse squadron - the only such event in Poland. Charge completes the Pomeranian Lancers battle - full of heroic struggle, with an attempt to break through the group and get out of the Nazis compact lap and ending fight of 18 Regiment in the September Campaign of 1939. The show pleases the eye more and more viewers from year to year and increases the circle of interested equestrian clubs and enthusiasts. Over a hundred cavalries will face
subdivision of Nazi Wehrmacht. During the show also takes place presentation of the riding sub-units and Polish cavalry from the time of Mieszko I to the cavalry regiments of Second Republic of Poland, from the period before World War II. Lancers race, cavalry showing off or showing mastery saber and lance, and presentation of the Polish cavalry riding performance is unforgettable
adventure and vivid encounter with history.


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