Manor in Czartolomie from XVIII century - hotel



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Classical manor in Czrtolomie from the late eighteenth century, formerly belonging to the Kreisch family, fell into disrepair over the years. From 1997 the manor belong to private owners who lived in it and share the incredible atmosphere of this place with tourists arriving from different parts of the world. This is one of the first facilities in the area, which was rescued from oblivion. It is a must to see manors in Krojanty currently renewed in Jarcewo and Zbeniny.  A short travel through time can be taken while walking the old oak avenue which leads from the court in Czartołome to Jarcewo. Aged forest stand remembers the life of the former landowners. Just imagine for a moment how it could look that avenue ages ago. Natural features with combination of airborne spirit of the past makes it worth recommending place for both lovers of culture and leisure in an idyllic atmosphere as well as for people preferring active form of spend time. Those who decide to stay longer in the manor will be able to enjoy such activities as: bicycles, or spring walks, kayaking, horseback riding, windsurfing and waterway sailing during summer, autumn Nordic walking and cross country skiing in winter. Niedzwiedz Lake
characterized by crystal clear water is just about 3 km away.  To Lake Charzykowskie perfectly suitable for water sports tourist activity is about 5 km. Let us not forget that we are protected landscape area of ??Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO. What undoubtedly stands out this object is delicious home cooked food combined with tradition of landowning propriety. It is worth to add that the object is a member of the international organization Slow Food. The owner of the facility invite for sensory
pleasure by moment of respite, rest or peace guaranteed by the time spent in bosom of nature, or among friends at a table full  of traditional and local dishes and regional products. Venison dishes and fresh fish, fruits in season, autumn mushrooms and homemade jam – such tastes will be offered to all guests by the owner of the manor. It is worth to visit Czartołomie and discover the natural flavors of regional cuisine -Bory Tucholskie.


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