Neo-Romanesque Church in Brusy


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Church of All Saints in Brusy is a monumental, neo-Romanesque building, which was built from 1876 to 1879 at the initiative of parish rector Fr. Augustyn Wiki-Czarnowski. This three-nave structure is by coming from Brandenburg Adolf Dankert. Object significantly stands out from the low building of this small village. Particularly conspicuous are two connected together soaring towers. The size of the blocks of the church is impressive - the length of the church is 60.9 m. with width of 26 m. The church is equipped with coming from the previous wooden church baroque altar of "bracki" of the seventeenth century and is situated in the southern aisle. Please also note the image of the Virgin Lady of the Scapular from the eighteenth century, which is veiled by painting of Our Lady as the Queen of All Saints. In 1880 brought authorities from Frankfurt an der Oder. Zauer Company made them. Until the present time was not survived the main altar from 1883, which was destroyed at the end of World War II. Current altar is coming from 1950. On equipped the church are still: from the eighteenth century crucifix and the nineteenth century the baptismal font, pulpit, two Stations of the Cross, and confessionals carved by artists of Sanskrit art from famous "Munich school”.   In the church were installed three new altars in 1990. It is worth to discover the object again after sunset, when the illumination is switched on.


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