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Brusy Jaglie

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Unreal, slightly fantastic place created by strength of character, hard work and talent of one man - Jozef Chełmonskiego of Brusy Jaglie. Mr. Jozef Chelmonski became famous as a sculptor, painter, creator of architectural projects or inventor of author’s musical instruments - muzykonos, brzozoliści, werbotrep.
All his works have folk character, and he is considered one of the Kashubian largest creators and called Kashubian Leonardo da Vinci.  This man boundlessly devoted to the Kashubian land, lived many years in one place and transformed it into a kingdom of sculpture. Guiding motives of his works are holly angels but also refers to the tradition and history, the world, the cosmos, contemporary time and threats brought by civilization. The work is also showing a great religiosity of Kashubian community. In his garden there is a collection of painted figured beehives, which are a must to see. There is also a small home museum, which contains various old objects. One of them is a working so far very old gramophone. Mr.Jozef and his wife hospitality know no bounds. You can visit his house, and in particular painting workshop. In whole house there is a very big number of his paintings. Gallery is visited by tourists from home and abroad and the artist's works can be seen in The Western Kashubian Museum in Bytow, Ethnographic Museum in Toruń, or the District Museum named after Leon
Wyczółkowski in Bydgoszcz. Big part of his work goes to private collectors. Being at this place we should also pay attention to the Kashubian hut, which is at the entrance to Mr. Jozef farm. Building refers to the traditional buildings of southern Kashubia. This object serves as cultural place. There is a small regional museum with numerous of organized exhibitions, lectures and conferences.


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