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The historic wooden church in Leśno named Exaltation of the Holy Cross is one of the more interesting objects in the land Ziemia Zaborska. The first mention of the church in the village, named at that time St. Catherine, is from the year 1534. This church was destroyed by fire, which took place a hundred years later. The present church was created in the years 1634-1687. It was created with financial support from Queen Maria Ludwika Gonzaga. In 1710 the temple was quite substantially rebuilt.  Repairs were necessary because the church was threatened with demolition. Church was again repaired in the nineteenth century. It is suggested that at that time the west tower was added. All wooden churches have their own unique atmosphere, but what is unique to this church is presence of three altars - one major (probably from the eighteenth), and two sides. Additionally there is a chamber characteristic for the temples of southern, by which the faithful move. The church has XVIII century authorities who have recently undergone major refurbishment. Interesting is that in the 90's eight mountaineers carried out the renovation of the tower and roof of the historic church.


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