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The building was erected in the period from 1845 to 1849. Its length about 75 m makes it the longest of its kind in Poland. Situated a short distance from the borowiacka village Fojutowo, the object is a unique hydro technical architectural monument. The inspiration for its creation was ancient Roman aqueducts. The construction forms a junction of two watercourses - Czerska Struga flowing bottom and top of the Grand Canal flowing Brda. The main role of the building is a water supply from the Brda River to the so-called Czerskie Meadows located in the close neighborhood of the town Czersk. The main building materials which used to build the aqueducts are a stone and yellow brick. Aqueduct is a complex of three buildings built in the Prussian time of Great Brda Canal. The water canal investment was carried out by hundreds of workers and engineers. They build three aqueducts that allowed carrying out the canal by deep gorges. All of this massive investment had a strategic purpose to supply hay for the army during the war. The Grand Canal Brda is in present a unique in the world and a very interesting tourist route. In the vicinity of
aqueduct there is "Fojutowo Inn." In they offer is accommodations and warm meals, carriage and horse rides, winter sleigh rides and much more.


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