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Called Polish Stonehenge attracts each year tourists greedy of mysteries. Beginning of "Stone Circles" Reserve dates back to 1958, but the same circles originate from the period of Roman influence. These are the largest stone circles in Poland, and the second largest in Europe. Archaeological research has shown that they are a burial made up of family tombs. It is probably Goths cemetery from I and II century.  It is assumed also that in this place elders met to debate and to publish judicial judgments.  Within the reserve there are 12 different sizes circles and 30 mounds. There are various legends and mysterious parables associated with this place. One of them says about the church, which fell underground and haunts. Stone circles would be remains of this church. People over the centuries bypassed this place for fear of their own security which allowed protects the circles against damage thanks so they survived to modern times. Also attention should be paid to the natural qualities of this place. In 1992 during the research of specialized studies were defined as many as 86 species of lichen, which covers boulders shrouded by note of mystery.


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