Brda and Grand Brda Canal, (starts in Mylof + Brda kayaking)



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The River Brda is 238 km. long and 128 of that flows through Pomorskie Wojewodztwo, where has its source, and the next 111 km flows through Kujawsko – Pomorskie Wojewodztwo. A point of Pietrzykowskie lake and city Swieszyno is recommended to start kayaking adventures on the Brda River. The previous section having a length of 5 km does not allow swimming. The upper part of the river passes through woods, eventually passing village Nowa Brda to reach the waters of Lake Szczytno and continue to Charzykowskie Lake. Woods of Bory Tucholskie growing on the river edges adding charm to the river. Great Brda Canal results from technical and military thinking of the Prussian army which in the nineteenth century started to build the canal, and that was to transport hay for their large army. Providing food for the war horses or cart-horses on the area one day riding away from the Russian border has become a strategic task.  A 30.5 km. long ditch secured irrigation for the farmlands near Czersk.  The rapid stream of Brda was raised up by 12 meters Mylof Dam, which allowed efficiently deliver water to Czerskie Meadows. The most interesting attraction of the trail is referring to the ancient buildings of the Roman aqueduct in Fojutowo which flow Grand Brda Canal over the river Czerska Struga.   75 m wide object was build of stone and brick. Here you can choose the path of channel, but also bear your equipment to located 9 m below Czerska Struga and after defeat of approximately 5 km swim to the Brda. End of the Great Brda Canal is located at 10 km from the mouth by settlement Białogi. Great Brda Canal passes into Small Brda Canal known as irrigation canal and will connect in further course with the river Brda and Wegornia Canal leading to Lake Biale whence Bielsko Struga flows. Here is a second aqueduct, have proven less than that in Fojutowo, but performing a similar role to its predecessor. Conduct Irrigation canal over stream Wegornia. The third aqueduct is located over the watercourse connecting water of Grzybiec Lake with Biale Lake.  Duk Lake is another point of canal pathway. The last kilometers of the Grand Brda Canal leading through marshy backwaters in a wooded landscape, which majestically transforms into a meadow where water from canal spreads narrow rivulets. Zielonka village is the last point on the Grand Brda Canal.


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