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Charzykowy for many years was a fishing village, transforming over time into tourist, vacation and water sort resort. Thanks to location directly on Lake Charzykowskie, which is one of the most recognizable water reservoir in Poland has become a mecca for sailors not only polish but also from the world. Lake itself is located within Zaborski Landscape Park as well as in the buffer zone area of ??National Park "Bory Tucholskie." Thanks to the unique natural advantages Charzykowy village is considered the cradle of sailing in Poland. Here in 1919 was established the first on Polish lands Sailing Society, whose originator was Otto Weilandt later co-founder and vice president of the Polish Sailing Association.  Although He had a German origin, he really felt like a Pole and has served to polish sailing like nobody else. Charzykowy is a large tourist resort taking in the season thousands of tourists
and active leisure enthusiasts. It should be here, especially during summer music concerts referring to the tradition of sailing and the sea. The most important of the events include a festival of folklore and sailing Shanties song festival. The village has a well developed range of accommodation and catering. It is possible to rent a shared cottage on the lake for or spend the night in hotel or a holiday resort. There are also private pensions. Unfortunately, during peak summer season, when the place is teeming with life to find accommodation without much prior reservation is bordered on the miraculous. Tourists can use the free-swimming, while the sailors are able to berth and enjoy the summer sunsets in the fully equipped and the safe water harbor with water sport equipment rental. Struga Siedmu Jezior is a small river, whose length is only 13.9 km. What is different? It combines eight ribbon lakes: Ostrowite, Zielone, Jelen, Bełczak, Glowka, Płęsno, Skrzynka and Mielnica thus becoming a unique hydrological creation. It is surprising that the total length of river connecting these lakes is only 1.9 km. Water from the river is discharged into Lake Charzykowskie becoming a tributary of the River Brda and Vistula basin. This area is refuge for many species of plants and animals that are threatened with extinction.
At least 25 species should be considered important in the country. These include: bittern, white-tailed eagle, owl, cormorant, widgeon, and common golden eye. There is also a lot species of mammals, especially bats, beavers and otters. By Struga Siedmu Jezior runs delineated by PTTK the green trail length 41.1 km. This allows discover the most picturesque part of the National Park 'Bory Tucholskie ", to which the Struga Siedmu Jezior area belongs.


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