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Administratively Rytel belongs to the municipal Czersk and is inhabited by about 2100 people. The village lies on the route of national road No. 22 what makes it convenient to reach. Beautifully situated by forest, the Brda River and the Grand Brda Canal has character of the resort village. The beauty of the landscape, clean air, lack of environmental pollution as well as traditional Polish hospitality have been noticed long time ago by the inhabitants and became the basis for development and the argument for taking further steps to develop tourism and agritourism. The tourism development of village provides Municipalities Recovery Plan for the years 2008 - 2015, which indicates the initiatives to be undertaken for village development. River Brda and Grand Brda Canal is the place where is host many kayaking events with a range of supra-regional and even international levels. "Midsummer Night" is Rytel country largest outdoor events. Initiators for construction of new church of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in the village Rytel were inhabitants themselves, who began the effort for church construction since 1888. At that time the nearest church was away from the village about 13 kilometers and was in Czersk. Construction of a brick church was begun in 1909 and was completed in 1911. Fr. Antoni Kowalkowski became the first parish rector in Rytel. It is worth to add that He is the author of well known to every Catholic song: "When Jesus walked the world" and "Jesus is coming now." He also wrote the guide about Wilelska Kalwaria.


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