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Złota Góra

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Zlota Gora Lying in the Kashubian Landscape Park in the village Brodnica Gorna is a picturesquely situated top elevation in the heart of Kashubia, whose height is 190 m above sea-level. From the vantage point located on its top the scenic panorama stretches on Kashubian land. From the top of the hill is perfectly seen Lake Brodno Wielkie and behind it from the right side emerges the lake Ostrzyckie. Far away from the lakes can be seen the significantly distanced peak of largest Pomeranian hill - Wieżyca, Jastrzebia Gora lookout point and hill of Kolańska Huta. The area is formed Water Sports Centre and Regional Promotion at the Zlota Gorat in Gorna Brodnica near Kartuzy. The investment will allow to use among others: small marina with warehouse-equipment and social- training part, platforms for about 40 floating units, guarded swimming area, covered stage, along with social – sanitary base or terraces forming the amphitheater audience. Strawberries pick is nothing but the strawberry harvest. This biggest Outdoor Pomerania event is organized since more than 30 years on the slopes of the Zlota Gora. This event involves well-known artists and celebrities from the headlines. Except well known bands and vocalists the local folklore groups participate in the event. It creates opportunity to learn the culture and traditions of Kashubian. At Zlota Gora appear folk artists stands with a variety of products referring to the traditional Kashubian crafts. Strawberries pick is a paradise for gourmands and lovers of the sweet fruit. Participants will be able to taste delicious cocktails, juices and pastries made from the Kashubian raspberries. Organizers ensure that during Strawberries pick there is no chance for fresh fruit deficiency. Thousands fan of this sweet fruit is participating in strawberries pick each year.


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