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Located on the shores of beautiful Lake Ostrzyckie and on one of the most picturesque roads of the region of Pomerania Ostrzyce are hidden in the picturesque landscape Kashubian Landscape Park tourist enclave of silence and peace. Excellent conditions for active rest and relaxation can be found in
just 50 km from Gdansk and is only 15 km from Kartuzy. On the lakeside in the central part of the village were prepared the right conditions for sunbathing and the water sports activities. New and well maintained infrastructure in the form of pier, beach, benches, developed accommodation services or cultivated tradition of regional kitchen causes that Ostrzyce are place worth recommendation for a weekend and a longer holiday. Lovers of water sports and water tourism fans will enjoy public access to water sport equipment rental. In summer time the lake fills with pedal boats, kayaks and sailboats. Due to the natural values also anglers took a liking to this region of Kashubia. Picture of angler on
lakeside pier, in the picturesque groves or Radunia river band is permanent element in the landscape year around. Ostrzyce not only offer relaxation and water sports, it is also the cradle of Kashubian culture and tradition cultivated by native Kashubian. Costume, music , dialect, and ... zadyma. That's right zadyma -this is what distinguishes Ostrzyce and true Kaszub, especially loud about zadyma is  in May, just before start of the next summer season. Organized every year with more impetus attracts fans and participants, also from abroad. We are talking about International Championship of Kashubia in Slow Pipe Smoking with very simple rules. Just count the longest smoke time obtained portion of tobacco using specially prepared for this event pipe called "Kaszëbskô PIPA." The event is an excellent opportunity for tasting regional dishes, and after the tournament, guests and contestants are entertained to the late night by Regional band. Feast is a great opportunity for the memories which date back to ancient times, when the clay pipe was the attribute of each Kashubian sailor or fisherman. As always, in this type of Kashubian events, a tradition of taking Kashubian tobacco - snuff is cultivated. The event is an opportunity to present the largest snuff boxes or the longest pipes in the world which contributes to the promotion of cultural heritage on a scale of Kashubia country and the world.


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