Circle Raduńskie (kayaks, sailboats, yachts)


od Chmielna do Krzesznej

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Ten beautifully located and connected by the river Radunia lakes are a paradise for kayaking enthusiasts, anglers and boaters. The route length of about 40 km enables a fun-filled two-day kayaking. Circle Raduńskie recognized by many as a one of the most popular kayaking route in Poland each year attracts many lovers of both active and peaceful rest. The area in which consists more than 25 water reservoirs are located entirely within the Kashubian Landscape Park. The vast majority of them with the water cleanliness class II allows you to water sports and swimming activity. Circle Raduńskie can be traverse with exception of a few points without leaving the kayak. The route runs from the Upper Lake Raduńskiego towards the Lower lake Raduńskiego to further connect with the lake Kłodno. Another lake
is Biale and goes to the lake Male Brodno, which in turn connects to the Wielkie Brodno. At the end the journey takes place in the pool of Ostrzyckie Lake, which connects with Lake Potulskie by 150 m stream. Two more lakes: Lubowisko plus Dabrowskie and after many valuable experiences all the lakes included in the Circle Raduńskie are traveled. The trail runs through the village, such as: Stężyca, Borucino, Chmielno, Zawory, Ręboszewo, Ostrzyce, Gołubie.  Rafting can be started in Stężycy but also Ostrzyce which have the best facilities in the form of lakeshore rental and tourist infrastructure.


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