Centre for Education and Promotion of the Region (the first longest plank of the world, house upside down, the greatest piano) in Szymbark


ul. Szymbarskich Zakładników 12
83-315 Szymbark

tel. : +48 (58) 684 69 33
+48 512 043 759
+48 725 994 001
+48 607 610 317
open: W okresie od 01 kwietnia do 31 października codziennie w godz. 9:00 - 19:00 niedziele i święta 10:00 - 19:00 W okresie od 01 listopada do 31 marca codziennie w godz. 9:00 - 17:00 niedziele i święta 10:00 - 17:0
access: paid
parking: free
motel: close

In search of the true spirit of Kashubia visit the Centre for Education and Regional Promotion in Szymbark will certainly help. Apparently, right here beats real heart of Kashubia. It should use the services of a guide, which can be meet at the "House of Scout," from which is worth to start the trip around the unique place. This beautiful symbol of Polish Scouts was rescued from destruction and rebuilt with about 700 of its original features. In seeking of Kashubia spirit will surely help science Kashubian notes. It should sit at the table named Lech Walesa, which serve to integration of society. He has on the 35 meters in length, almost as much as the first 36m 83cm longest board in the world. The event beside the longest and lavishly set table, with which can be serve 230 revelers at the same time, the Kashubian band sounds and attractions prepared by the stewards of this place will long remain in revelers memory. Particularly catches attention the house upside down - an allegory of modern life, unreal object, abstract, symbol of perverse times. It tends to reflect the reality which surrounds us today. In the center there is Poland's only Museum of snuff. During the year there are many interesting cultural events in the center. It should be here start of the summer season, which takes place in June and enjoy the parade of cars and rack wagons or mastery in cutting wood.


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