The seventeenth century Church in Goręczyno



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Church named Trinity of All Saints belonging to the parish in Goręczyno and probably dating back to the thirteenth century Unsuitable for the church in the early seventeenth century, was replaced in 1639 by
new temple, which amended survived to modern times. About uprising of the church
testifies Latin inscription located on the outer eastern wall: "This church was built for the glory of the Most Holy Trinity, All Saints – in the time of  brother Kasper Kochelius, prosecutors of Kartuzi in Trewir - in 1639. " Current architectural form due to reconstruction carried out in the years from 1913 to 1914 by the pastor Anastazy Kopaczewski. The Church is in the shape of the cross as a result of widening the aisles during the mention period. The most valuable monuments in the church equipment is constructed in the Gothic style: the figure Mother of God, a sculpture of St. Barbara, a sculpture of St. Bruno of the seventeenth century, standing in the garden belonging to the rectory. From the year 1400 comes weighing 717 kg and adorned with a cross, eagle, a lion and the Latin inscription bell. Made in Seventeenth century by the governor of Pomerania became the property of the church as a result of transfer.  The main altar is from the seventeenth century characterized by rich carvings, whose founder was also governor Działyński. Many hosts of the holy men at the foot of the cross represents one of the images. Another depicts the holy women around the Blessed Virgin Mary Sorrows, and another
martyred death of kartuski  monks. On the right is the altar of St. Trinity, and left the Mother of God.
An array suspended from the porch commemorates the victims of World War II, Fr. Vicar Waclaw Kucy and all the parishioners who gave their lives in sacrifice. To
most valuable pieces of equipment of the church include: restored organs,
stained-glass windows, restored historic baptismal font and pulpit. Works of art is
renewed over the years by successive pastors who care for the welfare of the parish and the temple.


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