Baroque Church St. Catherine of Alexandria in Stężyca


Sobieskiego 14,
83-322 Stężyca Szlachecka

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The beginnings of the parish of St. Catherine of Alexandria come from the thirteenth century. The Church in the sixteenth century was taken over by the Protestants, who very clearly marked their presence in the parish. Fr. Jakub Franciszek Alshut contributed to the restoration of religious life in the parish and his activitiey contributed to the construction of the church in its current form. Fourth, in turn already, church was built in the years 1701 - 1706 - this time in the Baroque style. On ceremony of consecration of the church with an altar Maria Kazimiera, wife of King John III Sobieski has funded the reliquary in the shape of the sarcophagus. Touring the church is worth pay attention to the Gothic reliefs located on the south wall. It is estimated they come from about 1450 year. Probably they were parts of
old wooden churches. At the historic furnishings of the church consists of wooden sculptures - four as saints whose origin is determined on 1450 year, wooden sculpture - Madonna and Child, the apocalyptic of the fifteenth century, wood polychrome, gilding, silvering, two rococo feretory from the second half of Eighteenth century, polychrome wood, paintings: St. Catherine and Madonna with Child, rococo
confessional of the 2nd half of  Eighteenth century


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