Botanical Garden in Golubie


ul. Botaniczna 21
83- 316 Gołubie

tel. : (058) 684 26 08
kom. 0 600 872 501
access: paid
parking: free
motel: close

Set in the Kashubian Landscape Park Gołubie Botanical Garden is the result of hard work, its private owners. Within 2.12 hectares park is close to 4 thousands groups of species showing richness of plants around the world and the region of Pomerania. Among the specimens can admire in the garden 150 unique and protected species Garden has been divided thematically on: some ecological, medicinal plants, ornamental plants, an arboretum and trees. The garden is a member of the Botanical Gardens Council in Poland. It belongs also to the Polish Association of Botanical Gardens. Fancy garden traditions in this place dates back to 1935 when the nearby farm buildings and agricultural land created ornate decorated garden. Start of construction of the garden falls on 1971 years, the activity was launched in 1983. Within the operation of the garden is being developed scientific activity consists in full documentation of plants. There are conducted observations and phenological assessment or acclimatization assessment of alien species. Teaching activities relates primarily to environmental education. Social activity is related to the popularization of botanical knowledge.  The garden is the meeting place of different ecological environments. Garden is open from 15 April to 30 October.


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