Family Wybicki Manor in Sikorzyno (now the place to stay)


Sikorzyno 39A
83-316 Gołubie

tel. : 506233553
open: Obiekt udostępniony do zwiedzania wyłącznie z przewodnikiem otwarty jest od wtorku do niedzieli w godzinach od 10.00 do 17.00.
access: paid
parking: free
motel: on the spot

Formerly was the family Sikorski nest - Black Grouse coat, then the family Wybicki - Rogala coat. Since 1638 the Sikorzyna land area is ruled by Wybicki family. In 1747 Piotr Wybicki with his wife Konstancja and seven daughters leave Sikorzyno and move to the purchased assets in Bedomin. Here Jozef Wybicki is born, the most famous descendant of the family, creator of words to national anthem Mazurek Dabrowski. Since 1834, Sikorzyno has a new Prussian owner. On the old plan of 1857 can still see the medieval manor Sikorski and added in the second half. Eighteenth century, during Wybicki time additional wing. In connection with the debt from 1887 Sikorzyno becomes the property of the Bank
Mannigeński and in the first decade of the twentieth century becomes the property of the Treasury Prussian State to become the property of the Polish State Treasury in 1921. Manor decline, since 1926 is leased by the Kashubian farmer until 1965, when it is resold to Kukowski family. In 1992, the Association Kashubian-Pomeranian buys destroyed mansion in which makes no investment. Only since 1998, destroyed court begins to regain its lost splendor thanks to Mr. Leszek Zakrzewski, monuments conservator from Gdansk. With great care the new owner has restored manor creating permanent decline in it a place full of climates and traditions. Inside manor the Interior Museum was created where you can see furniture and equipment from the late nineteenth and early Twentieth century or original tile stoves. Visitor of museum can spend time in charming tea room enjoying the delicious taste of tea in the enclave of peace and silence. The refurbished park with partially preserved historic trees, linden alley and the gazebo is a great place to stroll and relax. A unique attraction of the court is
cultivated by the owner vegetable maze. On the floor of the mansion are guest rooms. Night in this facility is a real treat for lovers of historical Interior, and maybe a romantic weekend for two? An object is available to tour only with guide and open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00.


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