Forest Manor Sulęczyno, Jazz Festival in the Forest


ul. Żeromskiego 15
83-320 Sulęczyno

tel. : +48 58 68 44 060, +48 58 68 42 066, +48 512 709 781
access: paid
parking: paid
motel: on the spot

In the warm evening in July, when the sound of the saxophone is spreading throughout Sulęczyno should sit on the terrace of the restaurant "Lesny Dwor" and enjoy the taste of local dishes. The palace - manor complex of the eighteenth century, formerly the Haindestein residence and Łaszewski, is the oldest and most beautiful monument in Sulęczyno.  Lesny Dwor is truly an ideal place for people who appreciate silence, calm and blissful idleness in the surrounding birds singing, wind noise, the sound of rustling leaves and coastal waves of the lake. The annual outdoor music festival is a veritable paradise for jazz lovers. The initiators of the Jazz Festival in the Forest are two natives from Suleczyno  - Jacek Leszewski and jazz drummer Adam Czerwinski. The first festival took place in 1997 and from so far gained a reputation as one of the most romantic and melancholy jazz festivals in Poland. It hosted the most famous Polish jazz celebrities, among others John Ptaszyn Wroblewski, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Michal Urbaniak, Wojciech Karolak and many others.


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