Dunes, Rąbka, Łącka Mountain (42 AMSL), Łebsko Lake


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quicksands located approximately 10 km from Leba are among the biggest  touristic attractions in our country. Unique in Europe, almost desert landscape is protected in the Słowiński National Park, which in 1977 was entered into the UNESCO World Nature Reserves. It is therefore an area of outstanding natural beauty. Quicksands  were formed by strong, western wind, sea and plant activities. It was calculated that they move (at speeds )up to 10 m / year. The most attractive and accessible dunes for tourists stretch in the middle of the Łebska Spit. The highest dune is Łącka mountain, (reaching a height of about) 42 AMSL. It offers  the magnificent view of the Baltic,  Łebsko  lake and extraordinary landscape of  Slowinski National Park. Access to the dunes of Łeba is possible by red and green pedestrian trail. In the SPN you can rent bikes,carriages and melexes(1). On the way to the dunes it’s worth to visit the former German training ground, where  during World War II anty- infantry and ballistic missiles were tested. You can see there fragments of old, German buildings and rocket launchers. On the other side of the road there is a small bridge, with panoramic views on the  Łebskie Lake - the largest coastal lake in the SPN. Hence, the ships to Łeba or to Kluk departs. There in Kluk there’s an  antique building Museum of Village Słowinska. It’s worth to remember that in summer we meet tourists groups and it's hard to find a parking lot, so you may want to think about other means of transport such as bike.

1. Melex-a small vehicle powered by an electric motor,manufactured by the same name since 1971 in Mielec.


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