Neptun Hotel in Łeba


ul. Sosnowa 1
84-360 Łeba

tel. : 59 866 14 32, 866 23 31
access: free
parking: free
motel: on the spot

The most distinctive building in Leba and architectonic landmark of the city. The majestic construction of Gothic castle design located on a high dune, and the most beautiful presents from the beach side. It was built on the initiative of Baron von Massow in the early 20th century as a Bath House for  the rich patients. Kurhaus location was dangerous because of the dunes undermines. On several occasions the forces of nature seriously threatened  its functioning. For the protection of this unique facility was built in 1913 concrete band, and the residents of Łeba  rescued Kurhaus from storms. Fortunately, fate had saved Neptune and to this day he has remained intact. It is worth mentioning the most famous guests were stayed in Łeba SPA House. In the interwar period at the Kurhaus social life flourished. Visited,  Chancellor of Austria, the Reich Interior Minister and a prominent German boxer Max Schmeling. It is said that is also frequently visited by Herman Goering, although it is not confirmed. After World War II building was leased by the Employee Holiday Fund. For several decades, unfortunately, any repairs were not performed and his condition had deteriorated. Soon, it was sold into private hands. The new owners made that  the current Neptune regained its former glory.


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