The beach in Łeba


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The most beautiful and widest on our coast. It is divided into 3 zones. A beach is located on the extension of ul.Wojska Polskiego and is the most popular because of easy access. Lots of bars, shops and restaurants are here. The beach is guarded, well-utilized and is full of numerous attractions such as sports and fun on the water. The season is pretty crowded. We have here the most beautiful views of the towering on a high dune Neptun Hotel. Beach  “A” is closed from the west by breakwater which protects  the entrance to the port. On its edge is a cross commemorating the lost at sea. Breakwater is a popular walking place and a great view point. A little further east is the beach C. It is unguarded, but with fewer beach goers can taste a little peace here. Above the beach rises the highest dune in Łeba :Mampe Dune -called in honor of former mayor. At the extension of the beach C to the east is a nature reserve Mierzeja Sarbska. Beach B is located on the west of the beach A on the other side of the river Leba. Walk Turystyczna st. or from the marina. The beach is guarded and equipped with recreational facilities and catering. Guided by the beach in a westerly direction to walk the green hiking trail leading to the shifting sand dunes in the Słowinski National Park.


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