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Fishing is a type of marine tourism, which for several years gaining a larger group of amateurs. One of its main advantages is that it can be caught virtually all year round. In addition, the fishing boat on the Baltic Sea is a unique adventure, providing an unforgettable experience. Organizers of this type of tourism is in Łeba lot. Base for them is, of course, Łeba port, where the tourist can easily find the most appropriate offer. Cruises are held on motor yachts, cutters or galleon type ships. Most of the organizers for their rental units have fishing equipment, facilities where you can store or gut a fish. It also has navigation equipment. Depending on the size of boats, number of participants is up to 30 people. The cruise takes about 8-10 hours with possibility of extension up to an entire day, as some units are equipped with berths, galley and sanitary facilities. Inexperienced anglers can always count on professional support staff. Owners of units also offer charter of their boats.


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