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One of the most beautiful lighthouses on the Polish coast. It is unique not only in our country but also worldwide. It was built in 1904-1906 with steel components that were connected with screws. The wall construction  is  perfectly visible from the inside. It is one of the three lighthouse in the world where this type of solution applied design. Characteristic is also the tri-color (black and white - red) elevation, visible from many miles away. The building was erected on a high dune about 1 km from the sea. The height of the tower is 34, and the light of the  lighthouse is visible from a distance of 23.5 miles of sea. The object is share to visit only in summer. The gallery offers a beautiful panoramic view of  surrounding dunes,  Sarbsko Lake  and of course the Baltic. In the vicinity of the lighthouse's there is  a fog horn and ruin, that device by giving a certain type of sound, was used to aim the ship at the port during poor visibility. Red trail from the lighthouse can showed to the beach, which at this point usually is almost completely empty.


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