Palace - hotel in Nowęcin


ul. Jeziorna 2
84-360 Łeba

tel. : 59 866 16 15
access: free
parking: free
motel: on the spot

A small castle, whose history dates back to the fifteenth century, is the former ancestral seat of magisterial, Pomeranian Wejher family. They were the owners of the property to  1781, since then the owners changed quite often. The Gothic castle was rebuilt several times. In 1909 at the initiative of another owner -Leon Ritzke object  obtained the shape of revivalist palace. After the war the monument was occupied by state farms, later housed the resort, and since 1999 the hotel and restaurant. Numerous reconstruction obliterated the old architecture of the palace. However, preserved fragments of the former chapel called Jerusalem, which according to researchers is even older than the castle itself. Remnant of the former owners of the castle is preserved inscription is located in a recess of this chapel, now the reception hall. The inscription with the date 1567, which translated means "God was with us in mortal danger, we work on strengthening" is probably the work of Ernest Wejher, who thus wanted to show gratitude for saving his life. The palace is surrounded by a landscaped park, where  preserved fragments of a medieval moat. The hotel has also a horse farm.


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