Lębork - Mury obronne (Baszta Bluszczowa). Dawny zamek krzyżacki (obecnie sąd), zabudowania gospodarcze dawnego zamku



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The medieval city walls is the biggest tourist attraction of Lębork. With the revaluation carried out, reconstructed nearly 800 m of the walls including about 440 m above the ground. In addition, reconstructed and restorated were three towers, which will be presented in museum during the exhibitions. Urban fortifications were built in Lębork in the fourteenth century. Consisted of approximately 1200 m in length, and reached their height of 6 - 10 m. The ring walls had 32 towers spaced about 30 meters,2 doors (Gdańsk and Słupsk) and the gate. From the west walls of the closed string rebuilt Tower Square. South-east of the Ivy Tower rises former Teutonic castle, now occupied by the court. Object because of its function is not open to tourists. Numerous reconstruction of the castle, has ensured that it lost its original character. Nevertheless, several elements have been preserved from the times of the Teutonic eg. vaults, and Gothic ogival blende peak. In the vicinity of the old castle there are buildings that once formed part of the ward: a mill and salt granary (now the Pentecostal church).


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