Lębork- Staromiejska Street, Lębork Museum, Bismarck Tower


ul. Staromiejska

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Ulica Staromiejska  is a representative street of Lębork. There are numerous shops, bars and cafes. Street retains some historic buildings, which consists of buildings from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, however, still continues reconstruction, aimed at restoring its former character. On ul. Sklodowska  preserved fragments of walls. Ul. Staromiejska  goes smoothly in the former Lębork market square today called Placem Wolności (Liberty Square) . Unfortunately with few exceptions, any of historic buildings preserved here. Close to Plac Wolności on ul. Młynarska in a stately building there is the Lębork  Museum . You can see there an exhibition of archaeological, ethnographic, history (including a collection of postcards and old photos of the city, military, baroque German furniture), and an exhibition of contemporary art in the gallery Strome Schody  (Steep Stairs). There is also an exhibition to Paul Nipkowow who was born in Lębork-he was an  creator of the disc to upload an image that is the prototype of the TV. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday  10-4 p.m, on Saturday to 3 p.m, and in Sunday from 9.00 to 2.00. A characteristic property in the city is Bismarck Tower from 1912 .The tower was formerly function of the water tower, overlook, and it was in the restaurant "Bismarckturm."


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