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Called Świętą Górą Słowińców (Słowińców Holy Mountain), rises to a height of 115 m above sea level, approximately 1 km from Smołdzino. During the early Middle Ages was a place of pagan worship, and later a Christian chapel built here, which after the Reformation in the sixteenth century, was abandoned and subsequently demolished. Over the centuries, served as the navigation features. On top of the fire burned, which pointed the way sailors. Legend has it that Rowokół was in those days as a haven for thieves, who robbed ships passing through here and the coastal trail wandering merchants. Today the mountain is popular amongst tourists because of the observation tower (open from May 1 to September 30 - admission fee required) which offers a magnificent panorama of the Gardno Lake, Słowiński National Park, the Baltic Sea and the nearby Smołdzino. On the slopes of the mountain is located early medieval settlement. Access to the tower of Smołdzino  is available using pedestrian blue trail. In the village you can visit the Nature Museum of Słowiński National Park and the church was founded in 1632 by Princess Anna de Croy - the last representative of the Griffin dynasty. Temple was built with materials from the demolition of the chapel at Rowokół.


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