The foresters cemetery in Pyszno



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A unique cemetery of people connected with the forest, the only such in Pomerania, and perhaps the only one in Poland. The property is entered in the register of monuments. It is situated among the ancient beech trees in the reserve Bukowa Góra(Beech Mountain). In addition to the old trees such as beech grow here handsome douglas firs. Through the reserve trail leads with six stops teaching bearing plates. Above the lake. Delicious is a small viewing platform and a world tourist destination. The most important person buried in this lovely, small cemetery is Otto Smalian. In the nineteenth century was a forest manager in no longer exists forestery management of Sierżno inspectorate. He was also the creator of the formula used to this day the thickness of the wood. His devoted friend Friedrich Adolph Olberg was also a forester. As young boys promised  to each other that will be buried in the one cemetery. Otto  Smalian served as district forester once found a serious error in the accounts forest division. Unable to find the problem, being a man of honor committed suicide. He was buried in the forest, the place to which he devoted much of his life. Soon died Friedrich Adolph Olberg, who according to the will was buried alongside his friend. Since that time, was born the tradition of  foresters burial in Bukowa Góra. The last burial took place here in 1939, the cemetery is located 31 graves, the largest of the tombs belongs  to Otto Smalian.


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