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Parish museum in Żuków - Abbey Church in Żuków is the oldest monument of sacral architecture in Kashubia. The first mention of the foundation of the monastery Norbertanek(1) by Prince Mściwoj , come from the early thirteenth century, and the emergence of the present church dates from the fourteenth  c. Of the precious décor of the temple stands out Żukowska  Late Gothic altar of Antwerp from the beginning of the sixteenth century, the seventeenth-century high altar of image derived from the workshop of the eminent painter  from Gdańsk Herman Han and two baroque side altars. On the south wall there is a mural by putting the massacre scene Żukowo nuns that took place in 1226 The old monastic buildings adjacent to the church coach house, which houses a small but rich in precious exhibits  Parish Museum. There you will see a collection of vestments, for liturgical and regional exhibition of Kashubian embroidery. Żukowo is indeed the cradle of embroidery, a tradition dating back centuries. In monastery school, girls were taught needlework, sewing, reading, and just writing and embroidery, which is known today as the  Kashubian embroidery  school Żukowski. Decorated with, among others bonnets and vestments. Near the complex monastery there is a complex of mills on Radunia. Over the centuries, repeatedly rebuilt, survived in the form given in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

(1) Norbertanki, actually Sisters of the Order of Regular canonesses Premonstratensian - female Catholic contemplative order.


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