Jar Raduni Reserve


Borowo, Borkowo

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One of the most valuable reserves in Pomerania, not only because it occurs in plants but most of all the outstanding landscape values. The object of protection is a crucial stretch of the river Radunia  and unique vegetation communities. Depth of the ravine is about 40-50 m, while its length is about 6 km. The river itself is speeding here at a mountain stream. Numerous boulders on the valley floor, the branches protruding above the water, specific water vegetation and steep slopes make the landscape here is a typical mountain. There's a perfect environment for numerous species of plants and mountain foothills. There have been over 500 species of vascular plants including many protected and endangered. In addition, reserve a bird and amphibian refuge typical of mountain communities. Until the turn of  Babi Dół can be reached from the national road No. 20 in accordance with the guideline, or go on long trips along the blue trail from Żuków, who leads the entire length of the reserve. But be careful, because the route are quite difficult passages. Radunia is also a popular canoeing route. However, this piece featured section for experienced kayakers.


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