Hydroelectric power station in Rutki and Truss bridge



tel. : 58/ 692-18-51
open: od 10.00 do 17.00
access: free
parking: free
motel: close

this is the second oldest hydropower plant on Radunia and the oldest in the Carthusian county. Work began in October 1910, Old is the only power station in Straszyn, which started two weeks earlier... The initiators and investors of the construction of the district authorities were Carthusian. At the end of the 20s the plant was expanded due to increased demand for energy. At that time, in addition to the current power of the kościerski and kartuski county also swam to building a just, together with the port of Gdynia. She collaborated with power plants in Łapin and Straszyn. Annual energy production was then 2 200 000 kWh and was supplied to nearly 70 locations. The period of World War II plant has survived without major damage, and even in 1945 began to work again. Power runs to the present day and is open to the public in 10-17 hours. Previously, however, should make an appointment by telephone: 58 / 692-18-51. In the vicinity of the plant stands the imposing Tudor bridge that crosses the railway line has already closed. The bridge is now used for extreme sports like rock climbing or bungee jumping. The whole area of ??plant Radunia backwaters and the bridge is especially beautiful. Walk from Żuków is blueCarthusian  trail.


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