Necels pottery museum in Chmielno


ul. Gryfa Pomorskiego 65
83-333 Chmielno

tel. : (+48) 58 684 22 89
open: od 9.00 do 18.00
access: paid
parking: free
motel: close

In the Necels family tradition of pottery dating back ten generations. In 1993 a brick building workshop, opened a museum of ceramics. For decades, products have gained considerable Necels family recognition, not only in Kashubia, but in the whole country. The founder of the potter's workshop was in 1907, Francis Necel, and his son Leon developed the work of his father. The characteristic motifs that are already 100 years adorn the products of the plant is Necels elder wand, small and large tulip, Kashubian star and Kashubian lily wreath. The elements that affect the uniqueness and originality of the composition of the ceramics are ornaments, colors, different shapes and a method of forming plastic. All this can be seen in the museum . In addition, you can trace the entire process of creating a catalog and learn the history of Necels pottery traditions, which proudly tell Karol and Rafał Neclowie continuing the family tradition. The museum is open year round from Monday to Saturday 9.00 to 18.00.


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